Tuesday, January 31, 2012

February is Dental Health Month!

Greetings from Dr L: 
As I am polishing my powerpoint presentation to provide a truly life changing experience to the treasure coast's elementary inhabitants,  I do want to blog a brief summary of my message to the students: "NOT BRUSHING YOUR TEETH WILL COST YOUR PARENTS A LOT OF MONEY".  This will be followed by an explanation of what it means to the average 5th grader:  "YOU WILL NOT GET AS MANY CHRISTMAS/BIRTHDAY PRESENTS." This of course is the only part the kids may or may not retain but here are a few other nuggets: 1)  brush at least 2x a day and floss/waterpik once a day.  Mom or dad please spot check your younger kids to make sure they are doing a good job and not just  veneering the chrome faucets with a saliva-toothpaste-oreo cocktail.  2) Fluoride mouthwash (ACT ) is great once a day to make soft enamel harder and prevent whitespots or decalcified areas.  3)  visit your dentist at least once a year but hopefully every 6 mos.  4) your child should see Dr Legler at age 7 if you suspect any bite issues, jaw alignment problems, space for permanent teeth to erupt , or just look out of place.  Thanks and have a fantastic February!  Dr L