Friday, August 28, 2015

Dr. Legler’s top 10 Tips for Choosing a Career

Career Advice from Legler Orthodontics:
I am often asked by kids during dental health month or high school/ college students shadowing me in my office for suggestions on choosing a career.  Here we go:

10.  Take off the earphones and put down the ipod, cellphone, videogame or other distraction.
  9.  Get out of the house and observe – watch other professionals in various jobs or careers.
  8.  Ask questions about their job and even see if you can spend a few hours observing.  In my    experience from age 10 to 16, I thought I wanted to be a Veterinarian…until I spent a day in the office!

  7.  Ditto tip 10

  6. Once you identify a career that might be of interest – time to do your homework!  Now you should engage the internet and investigate education requirements and grades you must have, appropriate colleges and expenses.  Most importantly, the job market or openings in that field and where they may be located.

  5.  Repeat tip #7

  4.  Follow your passion:  but only if you can make a living doing it.  At age 17 I loved drumming and wanted to be in a rock band.  I was passionate about pole vaulting.   For me personally, my life would have been much different and less fulfilling had I pursued either one of these as a career choice.  I can still drum and be in a rock band… and have a really great day job!

  3.  It’s ok to change your mind.  My freshman year of college I was a business major.  After taking intro biology and having a phenomenal teacher (War Eagle!),  I realized that a career involving science was more interesting to me than the business courses I would be required to take.

  2.  Repetir paso numero cinco!

and Dr. Legler's #1 Tip for Choosing a Career is...

1.  As long as you work hard, constantly strive to learn more and improve your knowledge, always seek to learn from others who know more than you and most importantly, get along well with others, you will succeed at whatever career you choose!